Fruzsi Wilhem (HU), Head Judge

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Petra Malá (CZ)

I have been involved in cynology for 25 years, with the Labrador Brita and the Border Collie Megy I have gone through almost all dog sports (agility, obedience, sport cynology, dog frisbee, nosework, herding, canistherapy). Now I have been working mainly as personal dog dance and obedience trainer for over ten years. Good luck to all competitors!

  • Official instructor of DDCCR

  • Judge for exams and competitions

  • Championship of the Czech Republic 2008-2019 judge

  • WC Salzburg 2012 judge

  • Multiple Czech Champion and Vice-Champion, German winner, Hungarian winner

  • Passed exams: MD1, HtM1, F1, DwD1, MD2, HtM2, F2, DwD2, MD3, HtM3, F3, DwD3, ZVOP, ZZO, ZZO1, ZZO2, ZZO3, ZM, ZOP, ZPU-1, BH, StPr1, StPr2, OB-Z, OB1, LA1, LA2, StPr3, NW-Uz

  • HELPES Canistherapeutic exam

  • Master of Dogdancing titles: MoD1, MoD2, MoD3, MoD MD, MoD HtM, MoD F, MoD DwD

  • CoD title - Champion of Dogdancing

  • Champion in performance BCCCZ, Club Champion BCCCZ

  • Best bitch of the year 2015 BCCCZ sport cynology

  • Bitch of the year 2016 BCCCZ dog dance 3rd place

  • Bitch of the year 2016 BCCCZ dog frisbee 3rd place

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Cora Czermak (DE)

My name is Cora Czermak, I´m 26 years old. I work as a professional psychologist and as a dogtrainer.

With my five dogs I live in a small, cosy house in the countryside near Munich, in the very South of Germany.

I started Dogdancing as a teenager, fourteen years ago already. For the last four years I competed with my little

Papillon “Steps“ as a member of the National German Freestyle Team at seven occasions – four World Championships and three OECs. We reached the finals twice (place 8 at the OEC 2017; place 10 at the WC 2019).

In addition to performing myself I became a judge in 2016, with assignments in Germany, Switzerland and Austria so far and also for online - competitions in Japan and Russia. Now Im very much looking forward to the experience of judging the World Championship in the Czech Republic! This year I´m also invited to judge the European Open Championship in Russia.

Apart from dancing with Steps I´m also competing with my Petit Basset Griffon „Anton“ and with my young Border Collie Girl „Pina“ in the highest Freestyle class in Germany; with Pina in the highest Heelwork to Music class aswell. Important to me and to my pack are also my two old ladies, Havanese „Paula“ and Jack Russell „Maja“. I just love to train with dogs of different breeds and sizes.

On top of everything my dogs are helping me in my professional work as therapy dogs.

Good luck and all the best to all competitors! And special good wishes to the organizers of the event during these challenging times!


DogDance Leipzig 08-19 Cora und Pina FS